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Dear Mr. Klein, … We are calling on you to resign. [10.07.2020]

Dear Mr. Klein, hellip; We are calling on you to resign. Nach den neuesten Entgleisungen des de-facto Israel-Beauftragten der Bundesregierung, in denen er seine links-liberalen und jüdischen Kritiker in die Nähe von Antisemiten rückte, fordern diese nun seinen Rücktritt.

Dear Mr. Klein,

As we were hoping the extensive criticism directed at you following your attack on Prof. Mbembe would induce you to stop launching baseless and undefined accusations. However, your latest statement about “anti-Semitism from the left-liberal milieu” made clear our hope was unfounded.

You display a lack of awareness and respect for democratic values. You fail to distinguish between legitimate criticism and real antisemitism. As the Israeli government is moving towards formal annexation of parts of the West Bank and the need for loud international criticism and opposition is only growing, you keep chilling the public and political debate in Germany and beyond.

Den vollständigen Brief finden Sie hier wieder.


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