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Gaza nach dem Massaker 2012: Zehn Analysen und Meinungen [25.11.2012]

Gaza nach dem Massaker 2012: Analysen und Meinungen Gaza 2012! (19. Nov)

Haidar Eid

Now is the moment of truth, the moment of sending a clear message to the new Arab world: The Mubarak and Abu el-Gheit era is gone. … The demonstrations, which have erupted in London, New York, Glasgow and other cities must be translated into a new, concrete reality steered by Palestinians and Arabs. …

As for the Palestinians, we must unify our ranks on the ground in a national front, a front that will turn its back on remnants of the ugly Oslo days and security coordination, one that declares its divorce from all racist proposals. And we must make it absolutely clear that there is no place for normalisers amongst us from now on. We should not allow them to sit comfortably among us until they sever their relations with the occupation and stop whitewashing its ugly face: A face that is stained with the blood of Palestinian children …

Israel’s Crumbling Pillar of ‘Defense’ (23. Nov)

Justin Raimondo

Hamas comes out the winner, on all fronts, and Netanyahu just as clearly the loser. What did the Israelis achieve? Nothing. Hamas, on the other hand, secured growing international recognition, as Arab state officials who had once snubbed Hamas trekked to Gaza to show solidarity. More important, Hamas struck at Tel Aviv itself, taking the Israelis by surprise and showing they aren’t the helpless victims the Israelis thought they were, an important factor in mobilizing Arab public opinion.

A Pillar Built on Sand (16. Nov)

John Mearsheimer

Israel’s aim in bombing Gaza is not to topple Hamas or eliminate its rockets, both of which are unrealisable goals. Instead, the ongoing attacks in Gaza are part of a long-term strategy to coerce the Palestinians into giving up their pursuit of self-determination and submitting to Israeli rule in an apartheid state. …

That is simply not achievable; the Palestinians are never going to accept being consigned to a handful of enclaves in an apartheid state. Regrettably, that means Pillar of Defence is unlikely to be the last time Israel bombards Gaza.

Die Deutschen begreifen Israel nicht (16. Nov)

Moshe Zuckermann

Rational betrachtet, müsste Israel natürlich Interesse an einem Frieden mit den Palästinensern haben, hat es aber nicht. Das ist das, was man in Deutschland nie begreifen will. Israel will sich aus den besetzten Gebieten nicht zurückziehen und fordert, dass die Okkupierten das einfach hinnehmen. Das ist aber nicht zu haben.

Where’s our humanity for Gaza?

Sara Roy

In a Nov. 2008 cable from the US embassy in Tel Aviv released by WikiLeaks, US officials wrote, “As part of their overall embargo plan against Gaza, Israeli officials have confirmed . . . on multiple occasions that they intend to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without quite pushing it over the edge” with the aim of having Gaza’s economy “functioning at the lowest level possible consistent with avoiding a humanitarian crisis.”

Cairo truce: sole path to independence is resistance (22 Nov.)

Sergio Yahni

Hamas gained a standing parallel to Israel during the truce negotiations, thereby reducing the standing of Israel to something akin to a violent gang that must be confronted. However, Hamas’ impressive steadfastness when confronting Israel’s cutting edge destruction technologies,make it the forefront of Arab resistance, a place guarded for Hezbollah since 2006.

Moreover in the internal Palestinian front, Hamas rightfully became the leading force of Palestinian liberation, rendering Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas irrelevant and incapable of offering a path to the future.

Gaza: The ‘International Community’ Also Lies Buried (24. Nov)

Felicity Arbuthnot

On Universal Children’s Day, November 20th, an air strike destroyed the Oxfam-supported Al Bajan kindergarten school and damaged the Al Housna kindergarten. Oxfam’s Sara Almer commented that more than 150 children attended these kindergartens. “The children are safe, but the places where they learned and played are now in ruins.” This in an area “where they already suffer a high level of trauma …”

The Four Guilty Parties Behind Israel’s Attack (19. Nov)

Jonathan Cook

The conflict predates the rockets — and even the creation of Hamas — by decades. It is the legacy of Israel’s dispossession of Palestinians in 1948, forcing many of them from their homes in what is now Israel into the tiny Gaza Strip. That original injustice has been compounded by the occupation Israel has not only failed to end but has actually intensified in recent years with its relentless siege of the small strip of territory.

Deutsche Medien auf der Seite Israels - und fern von der Wahrheit (23. Nov)


Den Mut zu unbequemen Wahrheiten und zu Kontroversen, den israelische Journalisten in einem von Hass und Gewalt durchwirkten gesellschaftlichen Klima aufbringen – kaum eine Spur davon in Deutschland. Hier müssen die wenigen couragierten Medienvertreter, die noch auszumachen sind, mindestens die Tobsuchtsanfälle von neokonservativen Rumpelstilzchen wie Henryk M. Broder, immer häufiger auch Rufmordkampagnen und Karriereknicks aushalten.

Why Israel Desires to be Hated by Palestinians (23. Nov)


Israel desires to be hated by Palestinians. By provoking violence Israel has not merely managed to divert the limelight from its apartheid nature. It has also managed to convince that, as Joseph Massad of Columbia University once captured, it has the right to occupy, to dispossess and to discriminate, namely the claim that the apartheid premise which founds it should be put up with and rationalized as reasonable.  (ts)

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