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OCHA: Hunanitarian Atlas 2011 [10.10.2012]

OCHA: Hunanitarian Atlas 2011 Palestinian civilians living in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) continue to bear the brunt of ongoing conflict and Israeli occupation. A lack of respect for international humanitarian and human rights law has resulted in a protection crisis with serious and negative humanitarian consequences. In the Gaza Strip, Israel continues to impose a land, sea and air blockade that has significantly undermined livelihoods, seriously diminished the quality of, and access to, basic services, and which amounts to collective punishment of the population of the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank, East Jerusalem is isolated from the rest of the West Bank. Communities in Area C face a range of pressures, including demolitions, settler violence, and movement and access restrictions, that make meeting basic needs increasingly difficult and threaten Palestinian presence in the area. Bedouin and herder communities are particularly vulnerable. Unlawful Israeli settlement activity lies at the heart of many of the humanitarian difficulties facing Palestinians in the West Bank.

Overall, the lack of accountability for violations of human rights and humanitarian law, along with a failure to effectively enforce the rule of law when it comes to attacks on Palestinians and their property by Israeli military forces or Israeli settlers, has created a climate of impunity that contributes to further violence.


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