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Gaza: Israels Drohnenkrieg gegen Gazas Kinder [15.09.2011]

Israelicher Drohnenkrieg gegen Gazas Kinder Ibrahim (12 year old) and Mohammed (will be 15 in 2 days) are cousins. They were playing on the street in front of their house an hour before Iftar during the fast of Ramadan on August 19th 2011, as Israel was sporadically bombing Gaza.

An unknown person in a control room kilometers away from them launched a missile from the drone flying over their heads. The result was devastating. Words cannot express the catastrophe and the anguish for the boys and their family. After ten days in al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, they were transferred to an Israeli hospital for a much needed medical treatment which is unavailable in Gaza.

Ibrahim is connected to over 10 machines responsible for keeping him barely alive. He is in a coma and is being treated at the ICU, while his injuries include amputated hands, a hole to the lung, damage to the liver, burns of various degrees, lack of blood circulation to his lower body parts and more. Mohammed is conscious and in terrible pain. He suffers from multiple injuries and burns as can be seen in The Real News report by Lia Tarachansky.

The families and specifically those remaining in the hospital, from which they are not allowed to exit, are in need of financial assistance for basic things: calling cards, food, cigarettes, a rented TV for Mohammed - to get his mind off his pain and his fears, etc. They are expecting a very long stay in the hospital.

We are a handful of people in and around Palestine who regularly talk to the families in Gaza or visit the boys and their fathers at the hospital and try to provide them with needed essentials. In order to be able to do that, we would greatly appreciate your help.

If you would like to donate and to be updated about their situation, please contact:


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